About DataCompress

DataCompress is a data savings app that helps you get more value out of your mobile plan. By optimizing content for your device, DataCompress enables web pages and images to load faster. With data compression, your apps run more smoothly and you get the right-sized content, fast.

DataCompress runs in the background and directs all of your mobile data traffic through its servers while using the latest compression technology. Instead of wasting time downloading data on your device, you quickly get what you want when you want it.

All of these benefits occur as DataCompress helps you save money on your data plan and avoid the hassles of speed caps and throttling. In compression testing, DataCompress cut mobile data usage by up to 50%.*

DataCompress is a product of Private Communications Corporation, the leading provider of Internet security and mobile optimization utilities for consumers, and creator of DataCompress' sister product, personal encryption software Private WiFi.

The only data savings app on the market created by a privacy company, DataCompress takes your privacy seriously and will never sell your information and online behavior to advertisers and third parties. Those so-called "free" data savings apps use your personal information for gain. DataCompress doesn't.

* Your savings will vary based on the sites you visit. Different websites compress at different rates. Some saw reductions of up to 70%, while some saw less.