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Is your phone a data hog?

Cut your mobile
data use up to


with the help
of DataCompress

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DataCompress is a data savings app for your smartphone.

It lets you squeeze
more value
from your mobile plan
by helping you use
less data.

...without worrying
about hitting
your plan limit.

With DataCompress you’ll cut back on your data without feeling limited.

Plus, it can save you tons of cash!


why you need it

No matter what kind of
data plan you have,

it always pays to use less.

Overage fees are the worst, and DataCompress can help you avoid them. With a prepaid or pay as you go data plan, you see the savings right away. Those on a monthly plan may be able switch to a cheaper data plan.

If your network speed gets reduced when you reach a specific threshold, DataCompress can help you stay under the cap and in the fast lane longer each month.

DataCompress optimizes content for your phone. Web pages and images all load faster. Apps run more smoothly, with less wait time.

"Free" compression apps sell your info. DataCompress takes your privacy seriously and will never store, analyze, monetize, or share information about you or your browsing habits with anyone.

Data Compress clears your mobile device of obtrusive ads, which means that your web pages will load faster and you'll use less data on your mobile plan. Data Compress also blocks those annoying tracking cookies that advertisers use to follow you around the web.


How It Works

DataCompress quickly shrinks pictures and text.


Less data means using
less of your plan.

Get the
content, fast.

When you request media like a picture, the DataCompress server shrinks it first, and then sends it to your phone.


Choose from 3 compression levels. Medium: Our recommended setting. You will get great savings and not notice the difference in image quality. High: Increase your savings with only slight image quality impact. Max: Recommended when you want maximum data savings.

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How DataCompress
Works for you

It happens in fractions of a second. Instead of wasting time and data downloading a picture that's unnecessarily big, you get only what you need:

a picture that's the perfect size for your phone.

In testing, DataCompress reduced data usage by

Up to 50% Up to 50%


and see how well it works for you.

* Your savings will vary based on the sites you visit. Different websites compress at different rates. Some saw reductions of up to 70%, while some saw less.

try it free for 10 days



After your free trial, DataCompress has affordable subscription plans to meet any budget.

Why does DataCompress cost money when other competing products are free?

It's simple. The companies offering free apps sell your information and online behavior to advertisers and other companies.

(It's all there in the fine print
when you sign up.)

With DataCompress,
your privacy is safe.

DataCompress is the only data-savings product created by a privacy company. Private Communications Corporation is a leading Internet data privacy company and creator of personal encryption software called Private WiFi.